Rasmi LED Lighting Fact Sheet

Rasmi Lighting & Energy India Pvt. Ltd is a company specialized in a whole range of indoor and outdoor, domestic and commercial lighting solutions. Our quality LED downlights, cabinet lights, shower lights, submersible underwater lights or lighting transformers and our latest range of low energy LED products  that provide coursework writing help attractive solutions to many lighting requirements. We also have a new range of decorative lamps and fixtures. Although our core strengths and focus is on futuristic LED lighting, we have a vast range of products designed around halogen, CFL and fluorescent light sources.

Rasmi Lighting & Energy India Pvt. Ltd. has focus directly on lighting equipment and  products for the projects market. The higher degree of service required in this space  marks us out as a highly reliable partner with instantaneous reaction time.We are  primarily an electronics company and continuous investment in up to date  technology combined with in-house design, development and manufacture of bespoke  lighting related products which include transformers, electronic ballasts and edit my essay for me other  electronic circuits. This gives us added strength in our quality assurance.This strength  has also fuelled the development of our vast range of high quality LED lighting range.  Currently, 80% of our revenue comes from the LED range.

We are confident that products that you buy from us are of the highest quality, which  we ensure through our strict quality guide lines and constantly developing quality initiatives. Such is our confidence in the quality of our products that we supply a standard guarantee on almost all of our products

Some of our Project /Customer in Asia are
  • Adarsh Group -Bangalore
  • Bearys Group-Bangalore
  • Brigade Group – Bangalore
  • Fortune Hotel – Pune
  • HCL – Bangalore, Delhi
  • IBM Daksh – Bangalore
  • Infosys – Bangalore
  • ITC Agro – Hyderabad
  • J W Marriott – Bangalore
  • Lavasa – Pune
  • Prestige Group – Bangalore
  • Sheraton Hotel – Bangalore
  • Sobha Developers-Bangalore
  • The Indian Hotels Company Ltd. (Taj Hotels)
  • Wells Fargo – Bangalore, Hyderabad